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Our DNA is made out of EPD and PCR

EPD International AB, a limited company registered in Sweden, is the programme operator and has the overall responsibility for the administration and operation of the International EPD® System.

EPD International is a subsidiary to IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute: an independent, non-profit research institute, owned by a foundation jointly established by the Swedish Government and Swedish industry. As a limited company, EPD International AB has a board of directors. Further information is published in the annual reports of IVL.

The programme operator has a number of mandatory obligations according to ISO 14025. These duties are mainly divided between the Secretariat, the Technical Committee (TC), and the International Advisory Board (IAB).

Board of Directors EPD International AB

EPD International AB has a Board of Directors appointed by the company's sole shareholder IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.
Currently, the Board has one independent member. The Board of Directors is responsible amongst other things for (source: www.bolagsverket.se):

  • Overall responsibility for EPD International AB
  • Call the shareholders to the Annual General Meeting
  • Paying taxes
  • Ensure the preparation of annual reports and, where necessary, the auditor's report and the submission of documents to The Swedish Companies Registration Office

The Board has produced rules of procedure for its work, which are updated annually.

Meet our Board of Directors

Elin Eriksson

Chairman Board of Directors IVL

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Anna Jarnehammar


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Charlotta Szczepanowski

Coop AB

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Mats Ridner


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EPD Secretariat

The EPD Secretariat has the overall operational responsibility and manages the day-to-day running of The International EPD System, including the registration and publication of the new EPDs.

  • According to ISO 14025 shall the programme operator have a Secretariat to fulfil a range of tasks.
    These tasks are described in detail in our General Programme Instructions (GPI).
  • The EPD Secretariat is managed by Sebastiaan Stiller (CEO).
    For inquiries regarding Customer Support/EPD Helpdesk, Compliance, LCA/PCR methodology, PCR development, invoices, a.s.o. please consult our contact page for the contact details.
  • As the official programme operator to the International EPD System, the Secretariat may delegate parts of the tasks of the Secretariat in specified regional markets to local organisations, e.g. the marketing and registration rights of EPDs.

Meet the EPD Management

Sebastiaan Stiller

CEO/ Verkställande direktör

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IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

IVL is the sole shareholder of EPD International AB.

IVL is the owner of multiple subsidiaries, incl. EPD International AB, e-BVD, BASTA AB, Möbelfakta AB and co-owner of the testbed Hammarby Sjöstadsverk located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Bridging science and society
To solve the environmental challenges our world is facing we need more than environmental research. We need collaborative efforts, an interdisciplinary approach and real-world applications.

Evidence-based and interdisciplinary science
IVL combines applied research and development with close collaboration between industry and the public sphere. IVL's consultancy is evidence-based, and our research is characterized by interdisciplinary science and system thinking.

Founded by the state and the business sector
IVL was jointly founded in 1966 by the Swedish state and national business interests to carry out research on industrial air and water issues. Today IVL is an environmental agency concentrating on much more. Common to all assignments is the interaction between ecological, economic and social perspectives.

A sustainable society
IVL's core values are credibility, foresight and a holistic perspective. IVL's vision is a sustainable society. IVL pushes the transition to a sustainable society by taking science to society, turning environmental problems into opportunities and bending linear processes into a circular economy.

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