The International EPD System

Manufacturers & service providers bring with our EPD Services credible environmental performance data for a wide range of products & services to market.

We operate in accordance with the ISO 14025, TS/14027, 14040, and other standards. For the building and construction sector, we comply with the ISO 21930 and EN 15804 standards.

A short introduction to EPDs

EPDs signal a manufacturer's commitment to measuring and reducing the environmental impact of its products and services and report these impacts in a hyper-transparent way. With an EPD, manufacturers report comparable, objective and third-party verified data that show the good, the bad and the evil about the environmental performance of their products and services.

When developing an EPD, the environmental performance of the product shall be described from a life cycle perspective by carrying out a life cycle assessment (LCA) of the product. The results of the LCA study and other information mandated by the reference PCR and General Programme Instructions shall be compiled in the EPD reporting format. The EPD shall then be verified by an approved independent verifier before being registered and published at the International EPD System via our EPD Portal.

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Wondering about EPDs and how to get one?

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EPDs are SDG compatible!

Lifecycle methodology and the EPD can support organizations to understand, improve and communicate the environmental impact of their products and services.

Do you want to report your carbon emissions according to scope 3 Greenhouse Protocol (products) as part of your Science Based Targets (SBT) or, in more general terms, your sustainability product strategy/ambitions connected to the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals?

An EPD may be exactly what you need!
For more information on ways to use EPDs, please visit this page.

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Want to apply to become an approved EPD verifier?

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